there's a lot going on in the world right now and there's lots of donation links going around, but not all of us are able to donate our own money. this carrd has links to different websites, apps, and videos that will donate for you!

i’ll try to update this every time i find something new; if you want me to add or change something please dm me on twitter or fill out this form :)

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last updated 08/29/2020 8:25pm pst.


more sites if you’re interested in learning more about what’s going on in the world right now!


please remember it’s okay to not be okay! i know things can get overwhelming during times like this, so here are some great resources if you’re feeling down or need someone to talk to! my dms are also open so you can always talk to me even if i don’t know you :)



GENERAL. This site has lots of different causes you can donate to, like hunger, breast cancer, autism, alzheimer’s, diabetes, and more! You can also buy from the online store - proceeds will go to the causes!

ARAB WORLD. This site provides support for Palestine and children, poverty, refugees, and women in the Arab world.

Brother Earth

ENVIRONMENT. This site has lots of different causes you can donate to, like reforestation, protecting rainforests, and supporting the research of manta rays.


Please download the extension and replace your default search engine with ecosia or oceanhero!

Tab for a Cause

GENERAL. Tab for a Cause is an extension for your browser that can display photos, notes, to-do lists, and more on your New Tab page. The money raised from the ads on the page go to whatever causes you choose!


ENVIRONMENT. (TREES) Ecosia is a search engine, just like Google, but for each search, a tree will be planted.


ENVIRONMENT. (OCEAN) OceanHero is a search engine, just like Google, but every 5 searches OceanHero will pay for one plastic bottle to be removed from the ocean.


Burn to Give

GENERAL. Choose the charity you want to support, then sync your preferred apps to upload your workouts. Every time you burn calories, the app will donate to the charity!

Charity Miles

GENERAL. Walk, run, or bike to donate to a charity of your choice!

Impact - Steps for a cause

GENERAL. Track your workouts to earn money to donate to charities! The app also has an option to create teams with friends and family so you can keep each other motivated and active!


Forest - Stay Focused

ENVIRONMENT. (TREES) This app will help you stay focused while you work - the longer you stay off your phone the more money you'll earn to plant a tree.
***App costs $2.99 unfortunately


Free the Ocean

ENVIRONMENT. (OCEAN) Answer the daily trivia question - for each question you answer, one piece of plastic will be removed from the ocean!


HUNGER. Donate rice by playing the multiple choice quiz game! For each correct answer, the United Nations World Food Programme will donate 10 grains of rice to countries in need.


ANIMALS. (SHELTER PETS) Answer trivia questions to donate food to cats and dogs! It doesn’t matter if you get the question right or wrong, the site will donate either way.

Rice Race

HUNGER.This game is similar to flappy bird, but as you play it donates rice!



HUNGER. For each meal you buy at participating restaurants, Feedie will donate to the lunchbox fund! I recommend getting the app especially if you go out to eat a lot!

GENERAL. Pick a cause, then pick a photo. The app will connect to your social media and post the photo. For each photo, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 to the cause you chose.